Here we go...

The road was long and thirsty until all the details of the new LAMA Bushings GmbH had been worked out so far and, above all, the necessary steps via authorities, offices, notaries, courts, etc. had been taken. But the time has finally come and the company can get off the ground.

There will certainly be a few obstacles in the way, but the team will overcome them and grow from them. In any case, everyone is looking forward to finally making customers happy and supplying them with the right bearings. The product range is widely spread in order to be able to fulfil as many wishes as possible, which will present us with 2-3 logistical challenges, especially at the beginning. But in the meantime, everything has also been coordinated with the General Customs Directorate in Dresden, so that customers and partners in countries outside Germany can also be served.

In any case, we are looking forward to you and the possible cooperation as we take strong steps together into the future.

The team of LAMA Bushings GmbH.

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